Frequently Asked Questions

Who estimates tasks, and how do I know the estimation is fair?

Most of our tasks are 30-60 minutes in size and this estimate is set by the project manager. The estimate is not negotiable (see §5). However, very often, more time is required to complete a task. In this case, we encourage you to use Puzzle Driven Development.

How do you use oDesk/Upwork/Elance?

We often work through oDesk, but we don’t use their time tracking system at all. We use them only as a payment processor, to distribute payments. You should not report your time there. We send payments ourselves once you complete a task. Remember, we don’t pay for time, but only for results (see §5).

Do you assign tasks or developers can pick tasks?

Our project managers assign tasks to you when they think it’s appropriate. But sometimes, when you really want to pick some task, you may express your interest in that particular task. But there is no guarantee that the task will be assigned to you.

More information you can find in our Policy.