Each project developed by us goes through four phases, which are explained here. This article is supposed to demonstrate all technical aspects of this process.


You can reach us by phone, email or just visit us in California, but the best way is to fill a short online form here. When you click “submit”, you will be forwarded to Netbout, a platform where we communicate with programmers and clients.

You will have to create an account in Netbout, using your Facebook, Google+ or Github account, and choose a unique user name. It’s a quick process, should take less than a minute.


Two people are invited to the discussion in Netbout right after we receive your request — our CTO and VP/BizDev. They will ask you about your project, to make sure we understand the scope, at least preliminarly. They may also ask you to share the documentation you have about the project.

We’re ready to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) at this stage.

We’ll be ready to answer your questions and explain how we work. If necessary, we can make a presentation, a video call, or even a meeting. We have to make sure we’re on the same page and really can help you.

Estimate (if necessary)

If you’re interested in a preliminary ROM estimate, a few architects will be invited to the discussion and will estimate your scope.

Contract & Deposit

When everything is clear and you’re ready to start, we sign a contract. We send you a draft of the contract, you make corrections if necessary and then we send a final version for electronic signature, via Adobe eSign.

When the contract is signed, you will send a deposit to us, to cover initial project expenses and secure our partnership.

Management Crew

We will add our key management personell to the discussion in Netbout, including project manager, HR manager, and CFO.

Your project will have a dedicated project manager.

Then, the HR manager selects two system analysts for your project and two software architects. Their names will be announced to you and we’ll discuss their profiles with you. If there will be any objections, we’ll change them.

You can also invite more people from your in-house team to Netbout, to help you monitor the progress.

Management Reports

The project manager will publish a few management reports to the discussion in Netbout. They will demonstrate the state of scope, budget, schedule, risks, and quality in the project.

Reports will be updated by the project manager a few times a day during the course of entire project.


We manage all our projects in GitHub. We will ask you, and all your technical people, to create accounts there (unless you have them already). Then, the project manager will create a new repository and will give you access to it.

“Thinking” Phase

One system analyst will get in touch with you, to perform requirements elicitation and create the first version of README GitHub document.

Usually, the system analyst will talk to you and your team via Skype, Slack, phone, or any other means suitable for you. His or her goal is to properly understand you and create the first version of README, as soon as possible.

This phase usually takes up to two weeks and up to 20 hours.

“Building” Phase

When the README document is ready, a software architect will create a skeleton of the product, to prove that the solution works.

This phase usually takes up to two weeks and up to 80 hours.

“Fixing” Phase

When skeleton is ready, HR manager will invite programmers to the project and their names and profiles will be announced to you, in Netbout.

The project manager will start assigning tasks to programmers in GitHub.

We are using our proprietary software and open source tools to automate the process of software engineering. The majority of routine management activities go through our proprietary management platform and are automated. We’re also using these open source and commercial instruments: rultor for merging, deploying and releasing; travis-ci and appveyor for continuous integration; pdd for automation of sub-tasking; est for estimation; hoc for hits-of-code calculation; coveralls for test coverage tracking.

We encourage you to take active participation in GitHub discussions and provide your feedback about quality and scope.

All financial questions must be discussed in Netbout, where our CFO and VP/BizDev are present during the course of the entire project.

“Using” Phase

When the product is ready for the market, we continue to support it. Most programmers will be removed from the team, since their help is not required any more. We will keep a few people in stand-by mode for as long as necessary for your business needs.